The Joy of Paint and Plants

A friend of mine gave me a mother load of wood panels so I’ve been painting “wide” for the first time! This is the first piece I’ve ever worked on that’s beyond 12 by 12…so another lovely adventure….it’s still in progress and I am loving the space to sprawl out …

IMG_4877Her necklace is made of scraps from old journal pages. I’ve been recycling old backgrounds and using scraps of them for new ones.  love adding paper elements from other pieces…

IMG_4879I also joined the Seminole Heights Community Garden this weekend. The people there are wonderful and eccentric…lots of artists and bohemians. I weeded for an hour, sipped yummy coffee, painted garden guardians and had some nice convos.

gardenI walked away with my arms loaded with calalu as well as a few good gardening tips! It’s like spinach but a bit hardier. It felt so good to cook something I had just plucked from the earth…

IMG_4876…added a bit of coconut oil, salt, pepper, hing and a little lemon and it was divine…really enjoying a re-connection with nature.

Have a great week!




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Turning the Blahs into Blooms

IMG_4861 I think the blahs are flashing neon signs that we need to do freshen the approach….whether it’s an art form, meditation practice or relationship. They’re a sign that a new shift is at hand and it’s time to expand.   Exploring texture and integrating that to what I’ve  learned has been an oxygenator. Dabbling outside the realm of faces and figures has also turned the blahs into blooms. This is my first hot air balloon …grungy and textury (I think that may be a fabricated word)…created this on a wood block and will stock it on the Etsy shelf soon.


…also dabbling in a wee bit of gardening. I really want to be more self reliant & grow my own veggies…so I’ve been studying away. I paid my landlord to make me a grow tower. You can grow up to 40 plants in these little wonders and no weeding is involved. In the center is a compost tube where you put your daily organic scraps. The worms feast on it and the soil gets perpetual fertilization….

IMG_4869That’s my pet owl (plastic) below to startle the squirrels and rodents. So far it terrified the dogs. Let’s see…hopefully new adventures are finding you and turning your blahs into blooms. Take care and have a grand weekend!

IMG_4871There is no certainty. There is only adventure.

                                                 Roberto Assagioli

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The Real Voyage Begins When You Take your Hands off the Wheel &…


add582_fcadc3cceb5b4c61a13e139d5dc82ec6.jpg_srz_p_300_233_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srzI have been loving the 21 secrets workshop for a few reasons…I  made much needed money having a grand time and got free access to wonderful videos by 20 artists. One artist named France Papillon is fantastic!  The piece to the left is her creation. She knows her materials, is a superstar of texture and explains things clearly and simply…..Take a peek at her website.  This was her first online teaching workshop and I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled for more.

  Since her workshop, I’ve been dabbling alot in crackle paste and texture mediums. IMG_4859 I often don’t give myself time to formulate the words on the journal page fully. So on separate paper, I free-wrote about what each image said to me and didn’t stop writing until words popped up that clicked….a good reminder to me to take time with everything.

 “The Real voyage begins when you take your hands off the wheel and steer with your center”

IMG_4853I think I went a wee bit thick with the crackle paste on the one below but found this video by ?? to crack the codes of crackle. Happy Creations and peaceful trails!

(And if you see a workshop from France Papillon, you can be sure it’ll be a good one!)

IMG_4849“Be real and you’ll come out of cracks to kiss the sky”

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Art on the side of Pirate Ghosts

Just dawdling, doodling, and enjoying some art journal & reflection time after a long week of shows.  I work for a family theater and we’re touring with a show that’s based on an old southern ghost story from Lousisiana.


    So on the side of terrifying children, I thought I’d dabble in paint. It’s actually not that bad…the boy outwits the ghost in the end with a bit of creativity and bravado….but there have been a few puddles left in the room as the pirate ghost rises from the swampy mists…tis a daily adventure. I love my work and the peeps I work with…will enjoy it for as long as it lasts.

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Limits Can Be Lovely

IMG_4823I’m enjoying watching all the videos from 21 Secrets. The last few days I’ve been watching Dion Dior’s videos on how to create sketches for the journal. I was practicing my roses on these ladies’ heads. Then I started painting them a bit on the sketch paper and had an uncontrollable urge to cut them out and paste them on a painted background.

IMG_4827Unfortunately, I left my art journal at work that day and had no hardy paper in the house! What to do?!  So I started scouring my house for painting substrates and remembered that I had actually saved a box that came with a bar of vegetable soap. It was so hardy and cute that even I, the chronic tosser, could not throw it out.

IMG_4825Anyhow, I painted it, glued the sketches down, and added a few collage elements….nothing extraordinary…just lots of fun. I would have never gone in that direction if I’d had everything I needed that night. I love the way limits can lead you to wider places and the way less can lead you to more.

Happy Sunday…may it be a restful and serene one. It’s gorgeous here in Florida …fresh and cool…windows are open and we’re not melting!


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“Creating a Mottled Background” …an art journal tutorial


IMG_4814HeART Journal Magazine asked me to create a short tutorial so I finally finished the video and thought I would post it here for any art journal/mixed media enthusiasts.

It’s about creating mottled mixed media backgrounds using stencils, stamps, spray paint, spray bottles, credit cards, clothing tags, acrylics, & inks….a motley crue of materials for a mottled background.


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A Few New Favorite things and the Winner of the 21 Secrets workshop

art bookI indulged in a few new art treats. “Printmaking Unleashed” by Traci Bautista is a great book about mark making and will teach you how to leap out of the box with what you use to create your pages.  Some art books are heavy on imagery but short on tips and techniques. This one is loaded with tips!

One of them was how to create stamps with hot glue! Aaah! I fell in love. You just make hot glue patterns on parchment paper, making sure to connect the lines.  Once they’re dry, you peel them off. She offers a few ways to use them. Once the leaf was dry, I painted the flat bottom side, placed it on the painted journal page and rolled a rubber brayer across the top.


 For the background of the page, I marked off some of the areas of the journal page with painter’s tape and had a  bloomin’ good time creating marks with the hot glue leaf stamp and a couple new stencils. The stencils are part of the Tim Holtz collection…burlap and dots …you can find them at Michael’s.  I went a little crazy with the art treats but they’re worth it. I’m loving them.



finally…a little fun with texture using wood icing. You just place the stencils on the page, tape them in place, put some wood icing on a spatula, and spread it evenly across the stencils to create the texture. You can also mix paint into the icing.


And last but not least, I’m sitting here with a bowl in my lap that has the names of all the people who entered to win a free spot to the 21 Secrets online art journaling workshop. I loved reading your favorite breakfasts and got inspired by your color combos. I wish everyone could win.


I’m now going to close my eyes, rustle my fingers around and pick …and the winner is Xylia! Congratulations Xylia. I’ll send an email and move forward with the details.

Have a beautiful week everyone!

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