Shifting Ground…

 This week’s art journaling adventure… I had a clue what it was about but thought it would be fun to invite a new meaning. So I ruffled through some magazines until I came across words that sang to the image. It brought a whole new perspective. We love magazine ruffling! The metaphorical ground beneath me has been crumbling but I do feel good things are happening. The shifting ground is not a soul calamity but a new life emerging…starting to see bright glimpses of what’s to come.


I’ve also been working on some book illustrations for a friend so I used some of this imagery. The book is about the true cosmic movie of life & the making of divine heroes…Hope all is well and that your weekend is a lovely one!


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Off the Wild Carousel & Into the Painting Seat

Please forgive the sporadic blog posts. It will only be that way for a few weeks. I’ve been packing and looking for new digs so lots of things whirling me into worldly duties.  I did finally say, “Stop the madness!” I jumped off the carousel of life and landed happily in my painting seat.


One of my favorite spiritual teachers, Anthony Strano, just contacted me and asked me to do some paintings for a new book he’s writing called, “The Faces of God”.   So I’ve been dabbling in sacred faces and am beginning to “play” a bit with background textures, imagery, etc.  I worked on this piece today and must say it felt so lovely to vacate “moving dramas” and enter into the sacred creation zone. 


I hope you are all well and smiling. I’m learning lots of life lessons these days and am getting the master course in trust.  I’m also learning to use Divine energy instead of sheer willpower to make things happen.  Alrighty…cheerio. Have a beautiful one!


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Getting ready for “Awakening into the Sun”

IMG_4415So I’m going to dip my toes in having a booth at a festival. I got invited to “Awakening into the Sun” and have been creating some fun little creations on wood to sell along with prints and orginal art. I wanted to have a few items $35 and below. I’m debating whether to add c hooks on the sides of the pieces above to transform them into key holders.  To do or not to do? Any Suggestions?

IMG_4414They also have a healing dance workshop which I’m excited to attend.  I ran across a sign the other day that said , “Dance More!” and took it as a message. I find exercise grueling but my soul is a dancer so I’m looking forward to getting back to it.  Apparently Michael Beckwith will also be there so how could it be anything but a great day?

IMG_4420Have a glorious week!

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A Few new mixed media adventures…

A few new adventures for the week. I discovered a non stick painting palette! The yummy part  is that you can peel the dried paint off and use the skins as collage pieces. We love that!


I tend to get in color ruts sometimes. The art journal background below was  created with left over paints from another page.  I just smudged them with a make up sponge and some water. Seeing wasted paint is as hard as seeing wasted coffee. I like to see them all used up! And using the left over paint tends to move you in new color directions.


And finally…along with exploring the human form, I’d like to explore mixed media flowers and foliage…so allowing myself to be a juvenile beginner and having a good time! Hope your week has been a lovely one!

IMG_4383“Creativity is the greatest expression of liberty.” Bryant McGill

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Bright Hues…explorations in color & souls vision (& a new favorite Tagore quote)

“Clouds come rushing into my life no longer to carry rain or to usher storm, but to add color to my sunset sky.”  Rabindranath Tagore


This is an art journal page from the week…it heralds a new phase of bright hues on the page & in the heart. Hope your week is a lovely one.  Cheerio…


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Manifesting Magic! I love it!

Exploring the figure and manifesting "fantastic" in the art journal

Exploring the figure and manifesting “fantastic” in the art journal

This week was laced with a few wonderful experiences. My health has been wonky the past few months to say the least. So an angel named Dorothy who lives in Peace Village, a retreat center in New York, came to visit. She said “Bebe, You’ve got to get back in the vortex. Watch 10 Esther Hicks videos in a row.” Now my mom was a fan of her but it all sounded a little woo woo. However, the time is right and I’m wide open to all solutions at this point.

Esther Hicks (or Abraham) talks about manifesting the life of your dreams not by wishing for things but by emerging the feelings you want to feel. Check her out on youtube if you get the chance (link below). I love this because instead of getting specific about what you want, you just focus on how you want to feel and the universe delivers what’s in alignment with that feeling. Two great experiences this week:

1)  I start doing this on Monday. I’m going through the Starbuck’s line and amp-ing up the fantastic thoughts. I’m saying, “I feel healthy, full of light, energy, vitality. I’m aligned with the Divine and am bursting with joy…inspired and deeply connected to all of humanity. ” You get the idea. And actually, as I’m driving through the line, I am starting to feel fantastic. I literally feel out of my skin with joy. Then I get to the cashier and something happens that has never happened to me before at Starbuck’s (and I’ve been there more times than I should confess). I get to the cashier and he beams a big grin and says, “The lady ahead of you just paid for your coffee.” More and more stuff is happening like this daily as I continue to think these thoughts. It’s magic! I love it!

2) The next wonderful experience. I’m reading a book by Pam Grout on manifesting. She gives several exercises in the book. One of them is to ask the universe to deliver a blessing to you in 48 hours. You’re not supposed to get specific about the blessing. You’re leaving wiggle room for the intelligence of the Universe. So Thursday night around 6 pm, I say, “Ok…let me test this magic. I would love a blessing in 48 hours.” An hour later, I open my email and something has just dropped into the “box”, an invite to join an online art journaling teaching series with 21 other teachers in the Fall of 2014.  The mission and vision are completely in alignment with my beliefs. All I have to do is create a video sharing some techniques I use, some writing material and we all share funds. Magic! I can’t wait! I told one of my friends about the blessing exercise and within a couple hours, he found a cable on the sidewalk to connect his tablet to his stereo. It’s been life changing…I’m also feeling alot better health wise. Check her out if you get the chance. This is a video called, “The Astonishing Power of your Emotions.”

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Time to Glow…a New Co-creation

One of the goals for the art year is to explore figure drawing more…so I had a serene and lovely day yesterday experimenting on canvas, playing with the human form and working on a piece for someone who requested an image of the spiritual cycles of existence. I co-created the main piece with Divine back up and then mingled in a digital layer and and some digital candles. It came out so naturally and easily that I knew I wasn’t working alone. Those are my favorite kinds of paintings….Lord knows we all have the ones that lay buried beneath layers of gesso after a few head banging sessions.


Advice moment. I know people love quotes and I sometimes wrestle with when to use words and when to leave them. I’m putting together a few prints for a spiritual art fair and am wondering…if you were a person strolling buy, would you prefer this image below without words or with a quote? Have a beautiful one!


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